Privacy Policy

Always our company will have a policy which is mainly followed by a particular policy by our management will be like a strict way as per policy demands. Here if the consumer is facing the issues for his refrigerator in a different way like not cooling, Defrost or water leakage and etc issues has been raised then he will search and contact for a best service center who can fix of his refrigerator problems in a very way and at a low cost of price through nearby service center .

Actually at that time our Ad has been shown on the desktop of Google sheet and if he has interested to visit our page and at that time all details will given in the website page regarding our services and offers and about technical department and how they will solve all issues of refrigerators and etc then he will decide to take a services from us to his refrigerator by contacting the phone numbers which is there on a website page.

After contacting to our company phone numbers then our customer care executives will receive the call and give immediate response by taking the calls. So at that time our customer care staff will take complaint details regarding the refrigerator problems by providing the company job sheet Number firstly and take remaining details like what is the main issues with his fridge & residential Address with exact landmark, and Finally Alternate Phone Numbers and they will tell about our service charges like Visiting Charges, New Spare Parts Charges will be taken separately. 

Then our guys will give all details to the Refrigerator Expert Technicians with job sheet number which is allotted to the particular consumers in a day itself. Then our customer care executives will give address details and technicians will go the consumers home and check the refrigerator completely and he will catch the issues of fridge and explain all the issues to the consumers and he will tell how much charges will be taken then he will do service after agreeing the customer for giving all types charges including service charges Rs.200/- and visiting charges Rs.350/- and separate new spare parts charges depending upon that spare parts.

Now he will get start solving the issues of that refrigerator even it may be any brand or then in a very few hours at a low cost price with 3 months of warranty for new spare parts will be given and if incase any types of issues are raised and again any problem raised in that spare parts then complete responsibility will be taken by our service center management and do service with replacements by another spare parts at a free of cost. But important note that this new spare parts will be raised any issue means then our technicians will replace it in between the 90 days only. As well as it is not valid for after 90 days.

After taking our services , if you have any doubts ,issues regarding the  replaced spare parts or technicians issues just you can directly contact our company branch phone numbers which are given below at our working days of our hours from Mon – Sat 

Timing  9 am – 7 pm.  Our PH :  9177700012, 9177700014

Refrigerator Spare Parts :

Relay Lp, Compressor, Electric Switch, Thermostat, Defrost Timer, Door Gasket, Relay Olp, main Control PCB Board, Door Flush. Gas Refilling, Filter Replacing , Fridge Condensor,

Double Door Spare Parts :

Main Control PCB Board, Defrost Timer, Universal Thermostat, Compressor, Over load Capacitor, Relay Lp, Fan Motor, Fridge Knob, Gas Refilling, Filter Replacing , Fridge Condensor.